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Articles in Category: LED Light Fixtures

SmartHome Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of LED light fixtures and tunable lighting control solutions in Coastal Maine. Learn more about us here.

Live Better with Tunable LED Light Fixtures at Home

Discover How Lighting Can Improve Health and Wellness

Live Better with Tunable LED Light Fixtures at Home

Longtime residents in bucolic coastal Maine like to talk about the good old days when life was simpler, and there was less technology to deal with.  While life may indeed be faster and more complex in this modern world, it’s also true that innovations in technology have vastly improved our lives.

One of these wonderful technologies is LED lighting. First, it revolutionized computer and TV screens, and it is now revolutionizing home lighting. Not only is it far more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent technologies, but there are new features that can make LED lighting adapt to a more natural state when living indoors.

A recent development has been the introduction of tunable LED lighting systems into residential environments – lights that shift throughout the day to adjust to our circadian rhythms.

From ecological friendliness to wellness, keep reading to see the advantages that LED Light fixtures can bring to your Kennebunkport home.