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Articles in Category: Networking Solutions

A smart home demands robust networking solutions. Learn about the signs that suggest it's time for an upgrade and the steps to take for a reliable home network.

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough?

Dropped Connections and Slow Downloads Mean It’s Time for Better Networking Solutions

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough?

Do you remember the days when your home network connected a few laptops, desktops, and maybe a gaming console? Of course, that was before the Internet of Things, and our homes throughout southern Maine became connected devices. In a smart home, the home network is the brain behind the system. It allows the devices to connect to the central controller and each other.

Do you want your motorized shades to lower when the temperature reaches a certain level? Do you want your doors to lock, lights to turn off, and the security to arm when you push the “Good Night” button on your keypad? All of that and more require solid networking solutions

Let's explore the signs that suggest your home network is no longer up to the tasks your smart home demands and what homes in Kennebunk, ME, are doing about it.