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Articles in Category: Whole Home WiFi

Reliable whole-home Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s connected world. Learn how to keep your network at top performance here.

How to Take Your Home Into the Future With Whole Home Wi-Fi

A Whole-Home Network Can Provide for all Your Home Wi-Fi Needs

How to Take Your Home Into the Future With Whole Home Wi-Fi

We’ve all felt the struggle. Your kids are on their iPads, and your partner is watching TV while scrolling through Instagram on their smartphone while you desperately try to connect with colleagues over a Zoom call. You move your laptop around until you reach that one spot that, for some reason, is above the refrigerator in the kitchen, where you get the best speed.

You call your internet provider, and their suggestion is just to reset your router. And maybe put a chair near your refrigerator. Not a great solution, but what are your options? Having a high-speed internet connection is essential, sure, but how it's dispersed around your Ogunquit, ME home and devices makes all the difference. Having a whole home Wi-Fi setup is the answer.

Why Work with a Pro for Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation?

Our Design, Installation and Monitoring Services Keep You Connected When It Matters Most

Why Work with a Pro for Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation?

If you’re experiencing sluggish internet, you can find many guides online that offer simple steps toward a possible solutionUpgrade your internet plan. Move your router. Buy a wi-fi extender. And so on. However, unless you know precisely why your connection is suffering, you’ll likely waste time grasping at straws.

Because today’s homes are chock-full of connected devices, and families are working and learning remotely, the demands on the home network have significantly changed. DIY networking solutions no longer fit the bill.

For reliable whole-home Wi-Fi that keeps everyone connected around the clock, we suggest you work with a professional. Read below to learn what you’ll gain when you call on SmartHome Solutions, Inc. for your home network installation or upgrade in Falmouth and southern Maine.