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Enhance Your Lifestyle through Smart Home Design

How to Experience Luxurious Living by Making Your Home Smarter

Enhance Your Lifestyle through Smart Home Design

Technology is all around us, and it’s always advancing. From smartphones and computers to smart cars and products powered by artificial intelligence, you depend on modern technology more than you may realize. However, there’s one area where you may have missed out: a smart home! It’s time to simplify your life and enjoy the amazing convenience that home automation has to offer.

By optimizing your home in Freeport, ME, through smart home design, you enjoy the ease of seamlessly controlling your lights and motorized shades, security system, home media, outdoor AV, and so much more. Experience effortless living by upgrading your home with cutting-edge smart solutions from top manufacturers like Savant and Lutron. Whether you want to incorporate smart home technology in a renovation or redesign of your home, read our blog to see why a smart home is a smart choice.

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Here’s a Bright Idea!

How many times a day do you get up to adjust the lights or shades? Make your life easier with smart lighting from Lutron. Smart lights are controllable with your mobile device, a sleek wall panel, or on automated schedules. By setting dedicated lighting scenes for activities such as breakfast, homework, bedtime, and group parties, you simply push a button and the lighting changes to your preferences.

Don’t touch your window treatments ever again. Motorized window shades can be conveniently controlled with wall switches, handheld devices, automatic light sensors, and even voice commands. There are so many styles to choose from, and you can easily integrate your new motorized shades into your smart home system. Smart lighting control and motorized shades give you seamless, total light control.

A Home Entertainment Experience Like No Other

Take your movie-watching and music-listening experience to a whole new level! A new smart home design puts home entertainment at the center of it all. Settle in for the evening and watch a movie in your home theater – complete with smart lighting, a huge Sony 8K Master Series TV, an immersive surround system, and seamless smart home controls. Now that’s entertainment!

While you’re watching a show, movie, or sporting event, use your touchpad or smartphone to adjust the temperature, check the security cameras, or pause the show to get a snack. Whatever you dreams, SmartHome Solutions, Inc. can design a space that meets your specific needs so you enjoy home entertainment and smart home automation the way it should be.

Peace of Mind with Smart Security

Most savvy thieves can circumvent basic surveillance cameras and locks. But a smart security system? That’s something completely different. Today’s state-of-the-art security cameras capture high-definition images and use artificial intelligence to accurately identify trespassers. When everything is integrated into your smart home – outdoor lighting, smart cameras with audio alerts, automatic door locks, and much more – burglars don’t stand a chance.

For instance, activity zones  are a new feature in home security technology that lets you monitor specific areas around your property. Your smart cameras can alert you immediately as soon as someone steps inside the zone. With object and people recognition in the latest systems, you only get alerted by specific events of your choosing. Also, different “scenes” and schedules can be programmed, so you don’t need to worry about turning your security system off and on.

Would you like to add convenience, security, and luxury to your life? The experts at SmartHome Solutions, Inc. can provide a consultation to discuss all the benefits of a smart home.

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