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Find Success with Home Automation

We can help make installing smart home technology a breeze.

Find Success with Home Automation

There has never been a more opportune time for builders to jump on board with smart home technology. New and advancing technology has become a way of life for more and more homeowners, and outfitting their dream houses with smart automation during the construction phase can make the process more efficient for everyone involved.  That is easier said than done, but it’s also far closer to your fingertips than you realize.  By partnering with a Smart Home Integrator and experienced Savant installer in the Kennebunk, ME area, installing home automation in your new constructions will be easier than ever.

1. Let Us Deal with the Tech Side of Things

Many home buyers dream of having the perfect smart home to meet their every need, but does that mean builders have to learn the ins and outs of home automation overnight?  Not at all – they can leave the worry over the design and installations of the systems to us.  As a systems integrator, we can either work through the developers or directly converse with the client to design the smart home automation features they have set their minds on.   And upon approval, our team will complete the set up and programming of the systems.  With the technology left to us, the builders can focus solely on the construction of the new house.

2. Efficiency for All

From the moment the project begins to its ultimate completion, we all have a common goal of providing the homeowners with the house of their dreams. Of course, with many people working on the same project, that goal can often get sidelined by inefficient communication or project management.

We strive to work together to ensure all elements are taken care of seamlessly.  Our goal is to manage the system installation project in a way that keeps all sub contractors completely in sync with where we are throughout the process. We will ensure a professional system design, an expert installation, and a superior level of service lasting long after the installation.  Our continuous communication through it all will guarantee the confidence and efficiency required.

3. Stick with your Building Plans – or Don’t

Putting these smart systems into place is best done in the midst of construction, so as you build and finish, we’ll be there too – making sure every bit of behind the scenes equipment and wiring is put into place as the imagined household comes together.  Will something unexpected create a need for revisions?  Maybe a change in size, area, or location of particular products or systems?  If so, our team will be there to adapt and adjust as needed. We will ensure the project continues moving along regardless of any modifications made to the original scope of work. 

With our help, see just how simple it can be to deliver smart home technology at the start of your project.  Contact us at (207) 985-9770 or online through our contact page.

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