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Highlighting Our 2 Favorite Types of Home Audio Solutions

Explore Each to Decide Which Is Best for Your Multi-Room Audio System

Highlighting Our 2 Favorite Types of Home Audio Solutions

There are many different ways to enjoy music at home, but nothing compares to streaming your favorite tunes effortlessly throughout the home at the touch of a button. This intuitive and immersive soundscape solution is made possible with a robust multi-room home audio system.

But deciding what you want out of a multi-room home audio system is just the beginning. Among the many choices you’ll need to make to ensure you receive a superior listening experience is choosing which type of speaker setup is best for you and your home in the Kennebunkport, Maine area. To help you get started, our team at SmartHome Solutions, Inc. has listed our two favorite types of home audio solutions below.

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Sonos Wireless Speakers

Sonos wireless speakers are home audio solutions that can inconspicuously live anywhere in your home and still deliver the high-quality sound experience you desire. Designed to blend in with your décor, Sonos wireless speakers are compact yet powerful, filling every room they live in with rich, full audio.

Sonos offers not only a variety of bookshelf speakers (Sonos One, Play:1, Play:5) but also soundbars (Beam, Playbar, Playbase) designed to effortlessly fit into any room of your house. With no wires and connectivity through WiFi, Sonos speakers are a stylish yet simple addition to any Coastal Maine home audio system.

Our team at SmartHome Solutions, Inc. will help you select and build the perfect Sonos system for your property. With Sonos Trueplay technology, your Sonos mobile app and the microphone on your smartphone work together to measure how sound reflects off the surfaces in the room your speakers live in to make precise adjustments to your speakers for the purest possible audio experience.

Place a Sonos One in your bathroom, a Play:5 in your bedroom, a Beam in your living room, and pair them together to envelop your home with your favorite tunes. No matter how many speakers you place around your home, control them all from the simple touch of your smartphone. From the Sonos app, choose from your favorite streaming sources or connected A/V devices and enjoy music throughout your home.

Savant Home Audio

If you are looking for an even more immersive, more complete home audio system, Savant’s products are the perfect choice. Experience high-performance audio wherever you want it with Savant’s networked IP audio solutions that connect any digital source directly to any speaker in your home with the simple touch of your Savant Pro app.

After joining forces with high-quality speaker designer Artison, Savant now offers luxury homeowners a full line of speaker solutions, from soundbars to architectural speakers and more. Beyond the speakers, Savant also offers the entire audio package needed for immersive sound distribution across the entire home, with built-in amplification, control ports, and music streamers.

In addition to Savant’s IP soundbars, we especially love Savant’s IP architectural speakers for their versatility. Not only are Savant’s in-ceiling and in-wall speakers connected through network cables that diminish the need to run speaker wire throughout your house, but they can also be placed in virtually any room or hallway in your house.

Use the Savant Pro app to program your favorite playlists to stream at your preferred time of day. Wake up to energizing classics, go to sleep under a blanket of jazz, set the mood for any party, and more. Investing in a Savant home audio system also allows you the flexibility to integrate your multi-room audio system with other smart home solutions. You can create scenes that include both lighting and audio adjustments at just the press of the button.

Whatever the occasion, the Savant Pro app makes it easier than ever to bring high-quality music to any room of your home.


Selecting the right multi-room audio system for your Coastal Maine home may seem daunting, but our team at SmartHome Solutions, Inc. will help you every step of the way. To get started, call us at (207) 985-9770 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you!

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