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Home Automation: The Convenient and Efficient Way to Save Energy

You Can Save Energy With a Touch of a Button With a Home Automation System

Home Automation: The Convenient and Efficient Way to Save Energy

The ability to turn on lights remotely and open your door from your phone is convenient, not to mention pretty cool. Home automation systems can control everything from your security system to your lights with touchpad interfaces and voice control. Having all of your home's systems in one central interface gives you more control and reduces the amount of manual labor involved with upkeeping your home. But aside from time efficiency, it can also positively impact your home's energy efficiency. By programming all your systems to work together, you can optimize your Moultonborough,  NH  home's energy usage and save money on your utility bills. 

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Control Your Cooling and Heating 

Buildings are the biggest offenders when it comes to energy usage in our country, and the culprit is often the heating and cooling systems. With home automation, you can take control of your HVAC system, though, and regulate temperatures and humidity in any space of your home. Setting schedules to optimize energy usage significantly reduces your energy consumption each month. For example, by scheduling your heating system back several degrees at night during the winter, you can save on heating. Or scheduling it several degrees up during the summer to save on cooling. You can also set your HVAC system to coordinate with lighting controls so that if a room is cooling excessively, lighting can turn off to decrease heat generation

Save With Lighting Controls

Lights are also a big user of kilowatts in your home. LED lighting can save significantly on energyconsumption, but they can only help so much if members of your household are constantly leaving the lights on in the bathroom or hallways. With a lighting control system, you can set schedules to turn lights on or off at certain times of the day. Additionally, you can have occupancy sensors installed in rooms that aren't often used so that even if lights are scheduled on, they automatically turn off when no one has occupied the space for a preset period. This is especially useful in large homes with rooms or wings that are not occupied often. With automated lighting controls tied to your home automation system, you can optimize your home's lighting and reduce your energy consumption. 

Find out how you can save on energy with a home automation system from Smarthome Solutions, Inc. Give us a call at 207-985-9770 or fill out our contact form to receive more information. 

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