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How Can Smart Home Security Help You Unwind On Vacation?

Protect Your Portland-Area Home With Remote Access Control

How Can Smart Home Security Help You Unwind On Vacation?

As beautiful as the Portland area can be over the holiday season, many of us enjoy getting away from Maine to warmer climates for vacation. But you don’t want to spend your break time worrying about the security of your home while you’re away. You want to be enjoying yourself with family and friends, and a smart home security system makes it easier to unwind. Remote access control is the key here.

Keep reading to learn more about remote access control and how it can safeguard your Coastal Maine property while you’re sipping cocktails by the hotel pool.


What Is Remote Access Control?

Remote access control allows you to monitor, access, and adjust your smart home technology remotely from your personal smart device. If you want to see if you left any lights on at home while you’re with family for the holidays, just open your smart home control app and check to see if any lights are still operating.

Need to let a delivery person into your home while you’re away? You’ll get a notification that there’s someone at your door, and you can communicate directly with them through your video doorbell. Unlock the door remotely so they can drop off a package and lock it when they’ve gone.

Check-In Immediately In Case Of Emergency

A smart home security system combines all your various smart devices to create a safe perimeter around your home, and if that perimeter is breached while you’re on vacation, you’ll get an immediate alert. In the instance of a trespasser on your property, motion sensors will detect all activity and can turn on landscape lights so the intruder knows they have been detected.

Once you get an alert, you can check your surveillance cameras to get a real-time look at what’s happening on your property. This is all done from the same app that controls each of your individual pieces of technology, making the process especially convenient and simple. 

Put Your House In “Mockupancy” Mode

Homes that are dark for extended periods of time are targets for any thieves scoping out a neighborhood, but one of the coolest features of a smart home security system is that you can create the illusion that your home is occupied. A “Mockupancy” setting randomly activates different smart home technologies throughout your house for a specified period so it looks like people are inside. Lights will turn on and off in different rooms. Motorized shades and blinds open and close. You can even have your A/V components turn on to further sell the protective illusion.  

Want to learn more about how a smart home security system can protect your Portland-area home while you’re on vacation this holiday season? Contact one of our experts at (207) 985-9770 or by filling out our online form.


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