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How Custom Window Treatments Bring Beauty and Energy Savings

Adding Motorized Shades Enhances Your Home and Lifestyle

How Custom Window Treatments Bring Beauty and Energy Savings

Custom Window Treatments add the finishing touch to a room. Curtains, shades, and other window coverings add ambiance, elegance, and a sense of style. Without window treatments, a room can look unwelcoming, barren, and unfinished. Not to mention that you can’t control the light!

Motorized shades provide more than just fashion for your Kennebunk, ME home. They can save energy, furnishan added sense of security, and keep your home cool at the height of the day while also maximizing the benefits of natural light.

Are you intrigued by how motorized window treatments can increase the beauty of your home and reduce your energy costs? Read more below to learn how. 

4 Things Your Should Know About Motorized Shades

Manage the Sun

The sunlight that streams through your windows has a powerful effect on the rooms and the individuals who occupy them. The UV light stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness and focus. The light also contributes to healthy neural communications in your brain, helping to regulate your sleep and digestion. 

Architects and designers have long appreciated how the changes in color and intensity of sunlight alter a room. Daylighting, the design element, seeks to harness more of the sun by opening up walls with windows. The purpose is to have a home balance with circadian rhythms, keeping you energized during the day and winding down as bedtime approaches. 

While there are numerous benefits to letting sunlight into your home, it has one detrimental side effect - heat. During the winter months, this additional heat is helpful, reducing the amount of heat needed to keep the room warm. In the summer, unmanaged sunlight can put an undue amount of stress on your HVAC system. When part of a smart home automation system, motorized shades automatically can adjust their levels to let in just the right amount of light at the right times of day.

Privacy Made Personal 

The windows of your home frame the scenery just outside, the perfect backdrop as you sit and relax with a glass of wine. The clear, sweeping views you look out upon also mean that others can see in. Automated shades allow you to set the level of privacy you desire. At the touch of a button, bring down sheers, allowing soft light to filter in a while, obscuring what people can see from the outside. Lower the blackout shades as you start the family night movie or as you lay your head down for sleep. Relax with the assurance that your privacy is secure. 

Fashion Forward 

All of the practical benefits of custom window treatments are diminished if they do not look good. In the end, you have to live with these items in your home, and they better suit your aesthetic vision. 

The manufacturers of motorized shades work in concert with elite interior designers, architects, and integrators to determine the best offerings. Choose from numerous styles, patterns, and functional fabrics that last years without fading. 

Are you ready to experience the kind of convenience and style motorized shades can add to your home? Connect with the SmartHome Solutions teamby calling (207) 985-9770 or filling out our contact form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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