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How to Take Your Home Into the Future With Whole Home Wi-Fi

A Whole-Home Network Can Provide for all Your Home Wi-Fi Needs

How to Take Your Home Into the Future With Whole Home Wi-Fi

We’ve all felt the struggle. Your kids are on their iPads, and your partner is watching TV while scrolling through Instagram on their smartphone while you desperately try to connect with colleagues over a Zoom call. You move your laptop around until you reach that one spot that, for some reason, is above the refrigerator in the kitchen, where you get the best speed.

You call your internet provider, and their suggestion is just to reset your router. And maybe put a chair near your refrigerator. Not a great solution, but what are your options? Having a high-speed internet connection is essential, sure, but how it's dispersed around your Ogunquit, ME home and devices makes all the difference. Having a whole home Wi-Fi setup is the answer.

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When to Set Your 2.4G Band or 5G Band

Ever popped something in the microwave, and then minutes later, your children yell from the other room that their cartoons cut out? All that buffering and freezing maybe your 2.4G band. 2.4G band transmits over a larger coverage area but at slower speeds. Your microwave is on a 2.4G band as well, so when you turn it on, it interferers with what you’re streaming to your tv. This can be mitigated, though, by placing your router in the same room as your home theater system and switching over to your 5G band, which has a shorter travel range but transmits data at higher speeds. Of course, with a home automation system, you can set up your home Wi-Fi network to reach all your connected devices have it monitored so that transmission speeds and outages are not an issue.

Network Monitoring to Eliminate Dropped Calls

Recently I was hosting a Zoom call with my team, and midway through my agenda, my home network went down. After scrambling to reset my router and get back online, I had to log back into video conferencing and pray that everyone was still on the call.

With a home networking system, you never have to worry about video conferences dropping. If your home automation system includes monitoring, your system will automatically detect network issues and resolve them often before you notice any network downtime. It will also optimize your network's operation so you can have a glitch-free conference call in your home office while your partner streams a movie in the next room.

Convenience of Having All Your Devices On One System

Tired of everyone asking for help logging into their computer, tablet or smartphone? Sometimes the network doesn't show up, sometimes they get kicked off, and you have to look the password up again that no one ever remembers. As part of your home network system monitoring we’ll keep track of passwords ,monitor dropped devices, and help with restarting them when needed. This way you enjoy your lights, theater, security, video conferencing and more seamlessly. Connecting your entire home and all your devices through one hub is convenient and easy.

If you’d like to learn more about integrating home networking into your automation system, give us a call. Reach out to us through our website or call us at (207) 985-9770.

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