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Improve Your Mood this Winter with Home Lighting Control

Combat Seasonal Depression Within Your Coastal Maine Home

Improve Your Mood this Winter with Home Lighting Control

Do you ever find yourself getting a little blue during the colder, wintry months? The sun isn’t shining for nearly as long as it does during spring and summer, we’re all cooped up indoors more often to avoid the cold weather, and it leaves us feeling a bit down.

Some call it the winter blues. Others call it seasonal depression; it is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) identifies it as a type of depression that is caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain prompted by less sunlight in winter and shorter daylight hours.

The lack of light dramatically affects our mood, interfering with our daily functioning. By incorporating circadian lighting into your Boothbay, ME home lighting control system, you can make the lighting in your home human-centric, helping to positively impact your mood throughout the day. Keep reading to learn more!

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What is Circadian Lighting?

The human circadian rhythm – the 24-hour internal clock – is controlled by signals received by the brain that it’s daytime or nighttime. The brain then correlates a person’s sleepiness with darkness and alertness to lightness, controlling the amount of melatonin.

Long-term exposure to specific wavelengths of blue light negatively impact melatonin levels and affect our sleep/wake patterns. Visible light therapy is one way to treat the winter doldrums. The artificial lighting that we encounter at work and home can impact our natural rhythms; that’s where circadian home lighting control comes in.

Battle the Winter Blues

With the power of home lighting control, you can effectively battle seasonal depression.

Soft white light is recommended to provide a therapeutic advantage over the winter blues, while full-spectrum lighting and blue lighting aren’t known to have advantages. You may be familiar with this concept thanks to Night Shift mode on your smartphone, which removes the emission of blue light in the evenings, which helps you wind down and not hinder melatonin.

Ketra is well known for its natural lighting solutions, which adjusts color temperature and intensity on a near-infinite light spectrum. Throughout the day, your Boothbay-area home’s indoor lighting can automatically shift to match the intensity of natural lighting. With pre-programmed scenes, simulated natural light can help battle the cold winter days we often experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about circadian lighting and what it can do for you and your family in coastal Maine, call us today at (207) 985-9770 or complete our online contact form. We can’t wait to help you make your home a little brighter this year.

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