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Interested in Whole-Home Audio Video? Here’s What to Know.

Audio-Video Distribution Expands the Range of Your Media in Your House

Interested in Whole-Home Audio Video? Here’s What to Know.

Tired of dealing with a different cable box in every room? Ever wish all your TVs could have access to the same Blu-Ray player? How would you like to play music in any room of your home with the push of a button?

Distributed A/V is a whole-home audio video solution that eliminates all the clutter to send signals throughout your Portsmouth-area house from a centralized location. It brings all your technology together to boost the performance of your home entertainment systems, all while effortlessly managing all the devices with your smart home control system. Read on to learn how distributed A/V will change how you interact with the media in your coastal New Hampshire or Maine home.


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What is A/V Distribution?

Audio video distribution is how you deliver audio and video signals from their source to their destinations. When it comes to residential A/V, this means bringing the signals to multiple rooms throughout your home without having to worry about numerous pieces of equipment.

Having flat-panel displays all over your house looks great, but the pile of black boxes next to every TV to access the different media sources doesn’t. This is an interior design nightmare, and it’s unnecessary when there’s a whole-home audio video solution that simplifies everything for the designer and homeowner.

By connecting your individual audio and video sources (cable box, Blu-Ray player, streaming player, audio receiver, etc) to a matrix switch, you gain the ability to transmit their signals to multiple outputs. Any TV in your house can have instant access to whatever media source it needs, whether it’s live, streaming, or physical.


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What are the Benefits?

We’ve already mentioned the design benefits. But did you know that distributed A/V can help maximize the efficiency of your technology?

You’ll save money by cutting down on how many sources you need to buy for each television, which also makes maintenance much simpler because all the machines are in a single, centralized location. A whole-home audio video system is a vast network of multiple moving parts, and A/V distribution consolidates the technology for tighter control while still delivering high performance.

So much of smart home automation revolves around control, and most people carry the best universal remote in their pocket. You can access your entire entertainment system through a single home control app on your smartphone, and distributed A/V helps you effortlessly choose which audio video sources you need for which space.


Interested in learning more about how you can bring whole-home audio video to your house in the greater Portsmouth area? Contact one of our experts at (207) 985-9770 or by filling out our online form.


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