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Introducing Home Automation

Optimize Your Technology, Enhance Your Style

Introducing Home Automation

Your home is the central hub of your daily life, and it should reflect who you are, while also being functional and attune to your needs. This can be a difficult balance to strike, but there is a simple solution: home automation. A smart home brings together form and function by utilizing the latest technologies. The best part is that it does so in a streamlined way that fits into your personal style and tastes. Every room can benefit from smart technology, but we will cover enhancements in three specific spaces in this post. To learn more about home automation and see what it can do for your Kennebunk or Southern Maine home, continue reading.

Your Bedroom

Within your home, there is one space in particular that should feel like a sanctuary: your bedroom. This is where we will begin our smart home tour. A key feature of automation is that it places all of your devices on one control system. You can make adjustments to your integrated technologies, such as lighting fixtures, motorized shades, thermostat and even your audio and visual sources through sleek on-wall touch panels, remotes, or your personal smartphone or tablet. You’ll be able to manage your entire room without leaving your bed!

You also can pre-program settings that you use often; we call these “scenes”. Most weekday mornings, we find ourselves in the same routine: waking up at the same time, performing the same tasks, etc. Create a “wake-up” scene that makes your preferences automatic. Have your shades ascend a few minutes before your alarm to wake up with the sun, set your lights to slowly brighten along the path to your bathroom, and turn up the heat to ease the transition out of bed.

Your Kitchen

The kitchen has often been called the heart of the home. Home automation can create a welcoming and inviting environment seamlessly. One way to do this is to create an “entertain scene”. This could include turning on your favorite streaming music service that plays through the hidden speakers strategically placed throughout the space or diming the lights to set the perfect ambiance. Maybe your smart home also includes a smart refrigerator which you can use that to keep track of your inventory and add anything you may need for tomorrow to a list linked to your smartphone.

Your Media Room

There are a variety of entertainment options to chose from these days, and whether you like to binge-watch Netflix shows or want to play the latest Battlefield, do it in style in your smart media room. Since, with home automation, all of your technologies are on one system, you won’t have to deal with multiple remotes or messy cords. Simply create a scene for each of these activities and the room will adjust to optimize that experience.

Movie night, for instance, can be as simple as touching one button. Select a movie and press play. When you do, a hidden projector and screen will descend from the ceiling, the lights will dim, the blackout shades close, and the audio system will switch to the proper channel.



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