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Is Your Home Office Set Up for Success?

Improve Your Productivity with a Proper Home Network Setup

Is Your Home Office Set Up for Success?

Your home office is a place to get work done. Whether you use it to work on personal projects, manage your day-to-day, or work remotely, it should be the area where you can zone in on your work without interruption.

But sometimes interruption can come in the form of a faulty internet connection, making a home network setup all the more necessary. Set up your Portland, ME home network the right way to prevent frustrating issues that can get in the way of your work.

In this blog, we will look at some of the ways you might use your home office, and how that can be affected by your network connectivity.

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Device Connectivity

Just like anywhere else in your house, you can sync your smart technology devices to work together or control them simultaneously from one source to create the environment that works best for you. You may want to adjust the lights, open your motorized shades for natural light, stream music through your speakers, or even stream a show for background noise if you have a TV in the room.

The fact is that all of these devices are using the same home network as each other along with any other device in the house. So if multiple people are streaming 4K video throughout the house while your devices are connected — all while you’re working on your computer — you may experience a slow or timed-out connection eventually.

Every smart device is competing for the network.

As such, a home network setup with high bandwidth can handle more internet traffic. Bandwidth is essentially a highway through which data travels. When too many cars are on a highway with one or two lanes, a traffic jam occurs, regardless of how fast the traffic is moving — or trying to move. More lanes create more space for traffic to flow smoothly. 

Video Conferencing 

If you work remotely from your home office and have team members or clients in other locations, you’re likely familiar with video conferencing for meetings.

Video uses a lot of bandwidth; it’s a lot of data being transferred through your network.

As such, if your home network is weak, you risk having the video cut out or even disconnect you from the meeting. If you want to make a good impression by staying present during the whole meeting, make sure that you have the right home network setup to handle your web meetings.

You can either hardwire your network for a more reliable connection or expand your wireless network’s bandwidth. 

General Internet Usage 

This section title may seem vague at first, but think about how you use your internet when you work. You’re checking your emails, video conferencing, doing research, exchanging files with coworkers or clients, and maybe even accessing confidential information on servers or shared document systems.

All of these tasks add up and contribute to network usage.

Because the goal is to stay on track and work efficiently, a strong network connection is necessary to ensure your internet is fast and dependable. Otherwise, you may face slow download speeds, delayed access to servers and shared document spaces, and a general lack of response from websites.

You risk coming across as unprofessional and unprepared if you’re not able to download important attachments from emails or are late submitting a document due to your poor network connection.


Ready to improve your home office with the right home network setup? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (207) 985-9770.

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