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Light Up the Holidays With Smart Home Automation

Let Lighting Control Make Your Home Set for the Holiday Season

Light Up the Holidays With Smart Home Automation

The holidays are fast approaching, and before you know it, it’ll be time for family reunions and traditional festivities.  It’s during this time of year that you can really take advantage of smart lighting control. Whether you’re planning on decking out your home with a lighting display or simply want an easier way to add ambiance for a party, we think any Ogunquit, ME homeowner could put this technology to good use.  Read on to learn how this smart technology can make your holiday season’s hard work a breeze.

Greeting Guests

As the days grow shorter, the need for lighting at night increases. So, before you send out the invites to your holiday party, make sure your pathways and home are well lit! With smart lighting, you could have the lights on your walkway turn on automatically once someone pulls into the driveway or even at a certain time based on the start of your gathering.  You can have specific lighting arranged for them to see clearly as they make their way to the door as well as for them to enjoy any displays you’ve installed inside or out.  You can even adjust the color tone to give your landscape lights a festive look!


Create Ambiance

Lights are a powerful tool for creating the right ambiance for different occasions. One way to easily achieve the right lighting is through the use of “scenes.” Scenes are a collection of settings that you can save for use at any time. For example, a “Cooking” scene will have bright lights overhead in the kitchen to ensure you have ample lighting for chopping vegetables or prepping the Thanksgiving turkey. On the other hand, you could have a scene for the dining room that dims the overhead lights and brightens accent lighting to create an intimate atmosphere for a cocktail party or formal dinner.  

Christmas Lights

Maine is known for its fantastic holiday light displays, and stringing up the lights is just step one – you also need to manage those lights between now and Christmas! With smart lighting, you can not only showcase your marvelous show but also have complete control over it.  Create an extravagant presentation of lights – multi-colored and placed any way you’d prefer.  Then, you can set them to turn on once the sun sets, or at your own scheduled hour.  Turn them on manually, and change different “scenes” you’ve set – creating a unique demonstration each time you have them on for everyone to enjoy.

We hope this lighting guide gives you some ideas to make the most of the holidays.  Interested in adding a lighting control system to your home?  Contact us to see how we can help! We’ll walk you through the options that make sense for your needs. Don’t delay, call us at (207) 985-9770 or filling out our contact form.

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