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Multiroom Speakers Bring Your Home to Life With Music in Every Room

A Whole-Home Audio System Lets The Music Move You In Any Room

Multiroom Speakers Bring Your Home to Life With Music in Every Room

Music is a distinctly human creation and is embedded in our very nature. Songs and rhythm have been with us for as long as we have written records, and possibly much longer. We hear music in our heads - creating a living soundtrack to our daily lives.

The medium has the power to lift you, bring meaning, and create a space to become centered and wind down in your home in Falmouth, ME or throughout southern Maine. A multiroom speaker system delivers energy and passion with audiophile quality, filling your entire house. Whether you want to spice up a backyard barbeque, shimmy in the kitchen, or set the mood for dinner, let the music move you anywhere, anytime.

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Bring Your Home to Life

An audio distribution system furnishes you with the ability to fill your home with full-throated high-definition audio or focus on a room. Unlike smaller stand-alone systems or smart speakers, a whole-home setup reproduces every nuance of a mix where every instrument is present.

At the touch of a button, have your music or content follow you through the home. The automation system can make music an integral part of managing your circadian rhythms. As the lighting starts the day with soft hues and subtle intensity, have the music follow in kind. Use your curated collection to begin with soothing tempos to stir you from sleep and transition to higher cadences as the day progresses. When the day winds down, so can the music, working in concert with the lights to set the stage for sleep.

Multiroom speakers can add home-theater like surround sound to your game and media rooms. Supplementing the main speakers, you can add some extra pop and a bit more rumble while watching a movie. Just as 4K video has revolutionized sports viewing, so can the in-room speakers bring the action to life.

Heard Not Seen 

Audio is about being heard, not seen. Your home was designed to meet the architectural specifications that meet your aesthetic vision.  A speaker system should not interfere with your house’s lines and flow.

Ceiling speakers pack big sound into a small package that blends seamlessly.  The paintable grills allow you to match any color, further masking the system into the visual background.

There are times when the speakers cannot be seen at all. Invisible or behind the wall units furnish complete audio response while remaining out of sight.

Perfect Placement

Each home’s acoustics differ as each home is unique in its structure and design. Our design team works with you and your builders to install and calibrate a system tuned to your house.

Every room can resonate with perfect pitch, avoiding dead zones. No longer will a space be unreachable unless you want it to be.

A multiroom audio distribution system can bring your home to life. Experience the soul-stirring sound in any room in the house.

If you’d like to learn more about integrating a multi-room speaker system into your home, give us a call. Reach out to us through our website or call us at (207) 985-9770.