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Perfect Your Home’s Design with Lighting Control

Let Your Style Shine

Perfect Your Home’s Design with Lighting Control

Do you have a home in the Portland or Eastern Maine area and you’re looking for design tips? Or are you an interior designer looking for a modern approach to design? One secret to great looking home interiors is a lighting scheme that highlights and enhances your decor. Lighting control can be an excellent tool for easily managing your home’s illumination and therefore the overall look and feel of the space. To learn more, continue reading.

Use Scenes

Lighting control offers homeowners the ability to adjust all their illumination from one central location. One advantage of a lighting control system is that you can group together common settings under scenes. You can save scenes that can be turned on at the touch of a button or that automatically change on a schedule.

You have the ability to control not only which lights are on or off, but also the intensity and the color of the light. You can adjust the brightness of your lighting from 0-100 percent. With special LED bulbs and fixtures, you can even control the color of your light. For instance, when having friends and family over you may want to highlight your artwork. To do this, create an “Entertaining” scene that dims the main lights down 50 percent and uses redder tones for an overall warm feeling space, additionally, you can dim the accent lights above your frames to about 60-65 percent to make sure they catch the eyes of your guests.

Protect Your Possessions

After you’ve taken the time to find home furnishings that fit your distinct taste, you want to make sure they last as long as possible. Protecting your furniture, rugs and more from the damaging sun is essential to maintaining a great looking home, and automated lighting and shading can help. 

Coupling your lighting control system with motorized shades is an easy way to make sure the harmful UV rays of the sun are kept out while ensuring you will still enjoy a well-lit space. Using solar sensors, your shades will close at the times when the sun is the strongest and most damaging. To counterbalance the loss of light, your fixtures will automatically adjust to a comfortable level.

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Eliminate Wall Clutter

When planning your ideal home space, as a homeowner or interior designer, you probably aren’t picturing the light switches. Lighting control can help you remove a lot of this unnecessary clutter while making it simple to adjust your light settings. Smart lighting offers homeowners several sleek, better-looking options like these below: 

  • Touchpanels: These are touch screens mounted to the wall and strategically placed throughout the home. Many manufacturers offer multiple size and color options to suit your needs.
  • Remotes: In a smart home, your remote doesn’t just control the entertainment system, but also your lighting, shading, temperature, and more.
  • Keypads: Designed in many styles, including metallic and matte, these look elegant and modern. Plus they offer homeowners the option to add buttons that correspond to specific scenes to control multiple lights at once.
  • Personal Devices: You can also control your lights with apps installed on smartphones or tablets!

If you’re designing or remodeling a home, lighting control can help you set the right scene. Contact SmartHome Solutions to learn more and get started on your next project. 

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