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Savant and USAI’s Partnership Upgrades Smart Lighting

Take Your Coastal Maine Home To The Next Level With USAI’s LED Light Fixtures

Savant and USAI’s Partnership Upgrades Smart Lighting

Smart lighting control is one of the most popular smart home upgrades because of the impact it has on a home’s atmosphere, allowing homeowners to transform their spaces with the push of a button. In May of last year, Savant, our preferred brand for integrated smart home control systems, announced that it was partnering with USAI Lighting, the award-winning manufacturer of innovative, high-performance LED light fixtures that deliver rich color technology and optical design.

This partnership brings homeowners a wide selection of USAI Lighting fixtures from its various product families containing hundreds of different fixture options. Whether you’re looking for architectural lighting for exposed ceilings, shallowed recessed downlights, or small aperture LEDs, USAI Lighting has a solution that will be the ideal fit for your home. We’re very excited to be able to bring the benefits of this collaboration to our Kennebunkport and Coastal Maine clients. Keep reading to learn about how pairing USAI Lighting and Savant can enhance your smart home.


USAI Lighting Enriches Savant’s TrueImage

Savant and USAI Lighting’s partnership signals a significant step in the evolution of tunable white and RGB home lighting. Savant’s TrueImage technology is at the root of this growth. TrueImage is a simple-to-use, revolutionary technology that allows you to adjust virtual lights on your smartphone or tablet to make real-time changes to your physical fixtures – both indoors and outside. All you have to do is screw in your Savant smart LED bulbs and download the Savant Lighting app, which will detect the different fixtures in your home via Bluetooth.

After assigning rooms for each fixture, you select the lights you want to set and take a picture of them with your camera, which saves that image and allows you to see how brightness and color changes on the app will look in reality. USAI Lighting’s color research makes TrueImage even more powerful, with pre-defined colors and scenes that you can immediately implement. It also provides the ability to customize to your personal preferences or even the specific demands of each room.

Experience The Benefits Of Circadian Rhythm Lighting

One of the hottest trends in smart lighting is circadian rhythm lighting, which helps regulate your body’s internal clock by replicating the qualities of natural light throughout the day. The cool light you get at the beginning of the day energizes you and makes you more focused while the warmer light you get at sunset helps calm you down.

Thanks to the versatility of LED light fixtures, it’s now possible to replicate the transitions of natural light inside your home. The combination of Savant’s automation technology and USAI’s tunable LED light fixtures allows you to put your home in a circadian rhythm mode that makes adjustments throughout the day so you’re refreshed when you wake up and relaxed as you unwind with your family in the evening. 

Want to learn more about what Savant and USAI Lighting’s partnership can do for your Kennebunkport or Coastal Maine home?

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