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Savant Zoom Rooms Combine High-Quality Audio-Video Performance with Smart Automation

Learn How Savant’s Zoom Rooms Are Transforming Video Conferences in Homes and Businesses

Savant Zoom Rooms Combine High-Quality Audio-Video Performance with Smart Automation

Savant has long been known as a premier smart home system, offering best-in-class personalized home automation programming that leads to luxurious ease of living. In February 2021, Savant integrated their state-of-the-art smart home technology with Zoom’s audio-video conferencing platform, Zoom Rooms. Together, they are changing the way home offices and businesses communicate.

Let’s look at what it means when one of the best smart automation systems meets one of the most popular video conferencing solutions and how our Savant certified technicians perform Zoom Room setup in homes and businesses throughout Kennebunk and Southern Maine.

Getting Started with Commercial Automation

Smart Conferencing

Remember when you took the 15-minutes before a video conference call to turn off the TV, set the lights, and test the audio? Today, Savant does that for you. First, your computer's audio-video platform launches automatically as you connect to the Zoom meeting. Then a Savant Scene takes over, adjusting the lights and blinds in the room to help you look your best on camera while pausing the background streaming music or TV. Once the meeting is over, the lights, blinds, and sound return to their original settings.

Savant and Zoom's combined forces also ensure no unexpected glitches when speaking in mute mode or saying something on-camera meant for family members. We've all see the commercials and heard the horror stories. You’ll know when you’re on camera because the full-color DMX LED light strip automatically turns red when the user’s audio is set to mute, back to white when the mic is live, and yellow when the video is off.  

The Zoom Room Setup

The Zoom Room integration delivers the highest quality in audio-video performance. Premium cameras provide crystal clear images, and high-performance loudspeakers and microphones offer exceptional sound clarity. Our technicians achieve this through Savant and Zoom's collaboration with leading high-tech video conferencing product solutions, such as Logitech, Huddly, and Beyerdynamic.

Zoom Rooms integrations require skillful professionals with significant experience in Savant’s programming and customizable scenes. With this deep knowledge, our Savant Certified Programmer technicians can create automated solutions that are limited only by your imagination. For example, SmartHome Solutions, Inc. technicians can create preset scenes that set the lighting to a specific hue, such as bright warm colors or soft blue and green tones during the meeting and illuminate the monitor or display.

Using your existing Video-Over-IP distributed video solution, you can also take the meeting to different rooms, particularly helpful for realtors and designers that need to highlight various areas of a home during sessions with clients.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an IT expert to experience the ultimate in video conferencing. As a Savant Programmer Certified Gold Dealer, if you can dream it, our technicians can program it. Learn more about our company and the superior level of service we offer each of our clients as we build custom technology solutions to accommodate and enhance their needs and lifestyles.

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