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Sprucing Up Your Yards? Don’t Forget About Landscape Lighting

Work with a Landscape Lighting Company for the Best Results

Sprucing Up Your Yards? Don’t Forget About Landscape Lighting

It’s nearly time again to get out the gardening gloves, clean the pool, and refresh your yards for spring and summer. Perhaps you also have some major renovation plans in the works for your landscaping, like adding new plants and trees or expanding the deck.

As you make changes to your yards, don’t forget to service your outdoor lighting. You may need additional fixtures around newly added foliage, pathways, and other structures. Plus, an upgraded lighting design can make your outdoor living spaces feel brand-new just in time for summer.

As a professional landscape lighting company serving Wells and southern Maine, we have a few lighting tips that can make a big difference to the look and feel of your renovated yards. Check them out below.

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Illuminate New Plants and Trees

Adding fresh foundation plants around your home’s perimeter? Planting trees in the backyard? Illuminate your new greenery after sunset with landscape lighting. Lighting fixtures and techniques abound for various landscape designs, improving curb appeal and outdoor views at night.

For trees, consider moonlighting. This lighting effect mimics the look of moonlight by positioning light to shine down from high up, giving your trees a beautiful glow. Spotlighting is an effective technique for small shrubberies and flower beds where direct beams of light enhance their features from afar. Or consider uplighting, which directs light upwards into plants and trees for a dramatic shadowing effect.

Pair Lighting with Pools and Decks

If your outdoor living spaces are undergoing a major renovation, such as adding a pool or deck, lighting should also be top of mind. Not only can your existing lighting (or lack thereof) negatively impact the look of your newly added structures, but it can also pose a safety risk.

Without enough lighting, swimming, or relaxing on the deck after dark can be dangerous. You’ll need to make necessary adjustments, whether that’s moving the location of existing lights or adding additional lights. Consider lip lights along steps, well lights around the pool, and bollard lights for pathways.

Switch to LED Light Sources

Another great way to refresh your outdoor lighting is to upgrade to LED light sources. For a long time, halogen lamps were the primary light source for landscape lighting since they were more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. However, LEDs have come along to steal the show.

LED bulbs emit far less heat than halogen bulbs. In fact, they can achieve the same light output with up to 85% less energy. Their estimated lifespan also reaches anywhere between 40,000 and 60,000 hours. Take advantage of the energy-saving benefits of LEDs and enjoy enhanced brightness and improved performance of your landscape lighting system.

Whatever your landscape lighting needs, SmartHome Solutions, Inc. is here to help from start to finish. We’ll discuss your vision with you, install a new system or upgrade your existing system, and provide ongoing support after the project is complete.

To learn more about our landscape lighting services or to plan your project, contact our team here or give us a call at (207) 985-9770. We’d love to hear from you!

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