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Take Work & Fun Outside with a Reliable Outdoor Wi-Fi Installation

Our Home Networking Solutions and Support Ensure Reliable Connectivity Indoors and Out

Take Work & Fun Outside with a Reliable Outdoor Wi-Fi Installation
Now more than ever, families are spending extended time at home and putting strain on their home networks as kids take on e-learning and parents work remotely. Our home networking professionals want to help you stay connected when it matters most, but not just indoors. Be sure to get some air by taking your video meetings to the backyard with a reliable outdoor Wi-Fi installation. Whether you’re working or just surfing the web, you should be able to expand your digital activities outside to take advantage of the sun and excuse yourself from a crowded home. Our home networking solutions and monitoring services ensure reliable connectivity indoors and out for properties in Kennebunkport and southern Maine. Read on to learn the importance of a reliable home network throughout your entire property, as well as how we can help bring that connectivity outside.

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The Importance of a Strong Home Network

Your home is filled with IoT devices that rely on your network to perform the way you need them to. Now that you’re working from home, your kids are learning from home, and your family is streaming more media, your network is likely under strain.

Think of your home network as a highway. Every car on the road is a piece of data that’s traveling from one device to another. Like a highway, there can be traffic and even gridlock on your network as more devices send and receive data. Without a strong network, traffic can quickly become a problem.

Strong network infrastructure sports high bandwidth, which opens more lanes for your data. Even more important, a professional network installation by our technology experts ensures proper prioritization of data-heavy traffic to prevent gridlock and keep your devices in the fast lane.

Enjoy a Reliable Connection Outdoors

Dead spots are a major letdown when you and your family need a strong internet connection throughout your home. You shouldn’t be limited to one area of the house to sit in on a work meeting. Wi-Fi should be able to reach all points in your home where it’s needed, and that includes outdoors.

To ensure a reliable connection in your backyard spaces, we recommend professionally installed wireless access points. Our team can assess your existing home network and install access points where they’re needed outdoors (and throughout your home if necessary). These access points withstand the elements, provide another location for your devices to connect from without sacrificing strength, and enable more devices to be connected to your network with even coverage.

Stay Connected with Remote Monitoring

Network connectivity is a necessity, which means you must be able to rely on your home network around the clock. That’s why we offer remote monitoring support, which allows us to have visibility of your network when there’s an issue. Without stepping into your home, we can troubleshoot problems and reboot devices to help you avoid on-site service calls and extensive connectivity downtime.

Our team is committed to solving potential issues before you even notice them. Plus, your data will always remain private so you can work and play confidently knowing you’re protected.

Even in uncertain times, our team is ready to assist you. To learn more about our home networking services and how we can help strengthen your network today, contact our team here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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