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Three Great Home Theater Themes For Your Custom Cinema

There’s a Home Theater for Everyone’s Style

Three Great Home Theater Themes For Your Custom Cinema

Going to the movies is a great American tradition. Whether you are going with a date or a group of friends or your whole family, everyone gets excited when the lights go down, and the show begins in that big room with all those strangers. Just thinking about it brings up memories of popcorn and soda, whispers and chuckles during the credits. Of course, the good stuff always comes with a bit of the bad, like sticky floors and the inevitable shimmy down the crowded aisle to go to the concession stand. But with the modern home theater, you can have all the good stuff without any of the annoying bits. 

When it comes to home theater ideas for your Elizabeth, ME home, the only limit is your imagination. Keep reading for some inspiration for your own home cinema escape. 

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Retreat to Comfort and Relaxation 

Do you know what's better than going to the movies? Staying in and ‘going’ to the movies. Home theater design has evolved, and now you can have the spa-like version of your dreams. Soft sofas or even bean bags, whatever you like best. Soft lighting and earthy tones make the perfect complement to a projection screen style entertainment center with surround sound. So you can relax and lose yourself in your favorite documentary or historical drama. 

The Theater Experience You Remember Right at Home

The traditionalist in you might be nostalgic for the black leather and red velvet curtains of theaters from childhood era before today’s cineplexesYou can create that bygone style and the cinema experience at home, minus the sticky floors, and wait at the ticket line. Home theater seating is even more comfortable with soft buttery leather recliners complete with cupholders and USB ports. For multiple seating rows, your home theater designer can even make raised seating so you can see your large screenfrom any seat in the room. 

A Viewing Experience That Is Totally Your Own 

Are you a sci-fi fan? You can watch all your favorite star trek episodes from the bridge of the Enterprise. Have a soft spot for westerns? Turn your home theater into a saloon complete with a full bar in the back. Maybe you prefer to watch your superhero movies from the comfort of your own batcave. The beauty of a home theater design is that if you can imagine it, we can build it. And when you integrate the theater with home automation systemyou can start the show with the touch of a button to orchestrate lights, screens, sound, temperature, and more.

Want to get even more home theater designs ideas to create your dream entertainment oasis? Contact one of our home automation experts at 207-985-9770 or click below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you. 

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