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Transform Your Outdoors with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

This Patented Lighting System Offers Endless Possibilities for a Beautiful Yard

Transform Your Outdoors with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

The effort put toward both the design and maintenance of your home’s landscaping should be significant. Not only does a beautiful exterior make outdoor gatherings and relaxation more enjoyable, but it also boosts curb appeal and increases the value of your home in the York County, Maine area.

When you incorporate a personalized landscape lighting system by Coastal Source throughout your outdoor spaces, you can make an impact even after the sun sets with beautiful light that not only illuminates your foliage and exterior architecture but also turns on and off on its own.

In this blog, we’ll explore what sets Coastal Source apart from the competition and the benefits you’ll receive from their landscape lighting solutions. Get the details below!

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Install It Once, Enjoy It Forever

When you opt for a lower cost landscape lighting, you may find yourself making expensive repairs and replacing nonfunctioning systems altogether after a short period of time due to exposure to the elements, debris and bugs. Save yourself the frustration with Coastal Source’s vast line of lighting fixtures that are intelligently designed and sealed to defy the elements.

Down to the nuts and bolts, Coastal Source fixtures are made entirely of brass to keep from corroding in even the most inclement weather. Their convex glass quickly dispels water and debris, and the cables to connect them are also waterproof. In addition, their patented Coastal Connector ensures that your connections stay secure and operational; ultimately, failed connections are the No. 1 issue with landscape lighting systems. When you choose Coastal Source, you’ll enjoy robust, reliable fixtures that not only benefit your outdoor spaces but do your wallet a favor, too.

Modular Fixtures for Personalized Designs

The modularity offered by Coastal Source lighting fixtures allows you to install the infrastructure once but make small changes at any time to fine-tune the effect that you desire. Effortlessly shift your lights in position to highlight new foliage, change your bulbs from standard to LED for vibrant hues, adjust the spread of light from every fixture, and more.

For every home and style, Coastal Source provides a wide array of lighting products that are uniquely designed to provide maximum customization and adjustability. Choose from planted bullet and path lights, hanging lights for trees and infrastructure, step and lip lights, wall lights and even Tiki torches. No matter your vision, Coastal Source has the fixtures to make it a reality.

Integrate with Your Smart Home

Control your landscape lighting through your home automation system to ensure every fixture turns on once the sun begins to set and powers off when you’re ready for bed. When you schedule your exterior lights to adjust on their own, you’ll never have to think twice about whether your outdoor spaces are beautifully illuminated after dark.

For a more personalized touch, program scenes for different moods or adjust one or a group of lights directly from your smartphone, tablet or keypad at any time. Whether you’re home or away, commanding your landscape lighting is as easy as lifting your finger. That’s convenience at its finest.

Discover the beauty that Coastal Source landscape lighting can bring to your Coastal Maine home with the help of SmartHome Solutions, Inc. In fact, when you choose SmartHome Solutions, Inc. as your Coastal Source installer, you can enjoy a limited lifetime warranty on your landscape lighting system!

Get started on your project by contacting our team at SmartHome Solutions, Inc. today! We look forward to assisting you!

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