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Update Your Home with Stylish & Energy-Saving LED Light Fixtures

The Advantages of Using LED Lights in Your Home

Update Your Home with Stylish & Energy-Saving LED Light Fixtures

Showcase your décor with LED lights. Unlike harsh fluorescents or hot incandescent bulbs, LEDs offer more flexibility and natural lighting for the different areas of your home. They are cool to the touch and tunable. You can place them anywhere and change their color temperature and intensity to complement your lighting needs. The result is an interior space that glows the way you want it.

Discover the difference that LED light fixtures and bulbs can make in your Portland or Southern Maine home. In this blog, we’ll discuss the four benefits of switching to LED lights.

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Tunable Lighting

Ketra LED lights from Lutron are more dynamic and customizable than ever before. If you don’t like the hue or intensity of the lighting in a particular room, just change it! Once you’ve determined the best setting possible, save the lighting scene for that room or occasion (such as dinner time, movie night, party time) and then access it by the simple push of a button. Of course, control of your lighting is seamless when integrated with your smart home.

In addition, an LED lighting system helps you stay healthy. That’s because it can be programmed to change colors and brightness throughout the day to adjust to your natural circadian rhythm. For instance, cooler and whiter hues keep you more alert, and warmer tones promote relaxation to prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

Instant Brightness without the Heat

Fluorescent bulbs take time to reach their full brightness, and incandescent bulbs emit heat. With LED bulbs, neither of those problems exist. Instead, they reach full brightness immediately without getting hot. Push a button, and let there be light! At the same time, you can place LEDs anywhere – such as inside cabinets and behind the artwork for accent lighting – without worrying about overheating. If you need lighting in a smaller space, LEDs are the perfect choice because they are cool and even soothing to the eyes.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Did you know you can save money with LED lighting fixtures and bulbs? LEDs are as much as 90% more efficient than incandescents. They also last longer - 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for incandescent bulbs. They even outperform fluorescent bulbs, lasting ten times longer. And finally, LEDs require less power. So, you’re not only saving money on your electric bill, but you won’t replace LEDs as often. They save energy indoors, as well as outdoors if you want to use them for landscape lighting.

Smart Lights for Your Smart Home

Take control of your lights with your smart tablet or smartphone. LED lights are an excellent pair for an automated home. Lutron works wonderfully with home automation systems and allows you to control your lights in any way imaginable. A smart home integrator can design your system so that specific lights are grouped together on the same circuit. Then all you need to do is open your app and personalize the lighting scene. Your lights can be adjusted to any color, brightness, or hue.

Are you interested in upgrading your home to new LED lighting fixtures? Call SmartHome Solutions, Inc. at (207) 985-9770 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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