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Want an Amazing Home Theater System? Start with the Essentials

For Great Home Entertainment, Here’s What You’ll Need…

Want an Amazing Home Theater System? Start with the Essentials

Many homeowners throughout the York, ME area are starting the new year off by upgrading the entertainment systems throughout their properties. Have you been considering an upgrade?  The first step is to look at the essentials! 

This is especially true for your home theater system. Before considering design themes, make sure you’re setting up your theater for success.  This blog will help you do that! Below, we outline the must-have components of your home theater system. Read on to learn what they are and why they matter.

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Surround sound

Don’t let your home theater slack with subpar audio. If your current audio setup simply utilizes a soundbar or front-facing speakers only, you could be missing out. 

With surround sound speakers, you get that fully immersive theater experience, where sound seems to envelope you from all sides and make you feel like you’re in the movie itself.  

So many factors can affect how sound navigates around the space, such as the room shape, layout, and placement of various objects like seating and décor. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring in an audio professional to set up surround sound to fit the unique needs of your space. 


High-quality sound means you also need a high-quality picture to get the full experience. 

You have several options when it comes to screens. If your room has a lot of ambient light, for example, you can install a screen that is designed specifically to accept light only from the projector so that no other light coming in from windows or other sources will reflect on the screen. 

Another option is an acoustically transparent screen, which can be helpful if you want to arrange speakers behind it. 

It’s all about finding the best screen type to meet your needs and preferences. 


The quality of the projector is going to determine the quality of the visuals you see on the screen, which is why it’s important to invest a projector that matches the specifications of the other equipment in your home theater system. 

For example, you’ll need to consider things like: how large is the room? How far away will that put the projector from the screen? How large is the screen? All these factors and more will determine the right projector for your space.

At a high level, you’ll want a 4K Ultra HD projector with a high lumen count to ensure you get crisp visuals. 


With all these parts of your home theater system, it’s important that they all work together seamlessly and efficiently. Enjoying a movie or show should be as simple as pushing a button and letting the system do the work for you. 

With automation, it is that simple! 

When you integrate everything into one central control system, you can go into an app on your touchscreen device and with the press of a button, have everything sync and set up exactly how you want it. 

Dim the lights, turn the projector on, lower the screen and get the speakers ready all from your phone. 

Because so many aspects of a home theater system are customizable and also affected by the room, it’s important to provide as much attention in selecting your equipment as you do in designing and arranging the room.

Ready to incorporate these essential components into your home to have your dream home theater? Reach out to us here or give us a call at (207) 985-9770.

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