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Why We Love Sonos for Multiroom Speaker Systems

Enjoy Detailed, Room-Filling Sound Anywhere with Ease

Why We Love Sonos for Multiroom Speaker Systems

For multiroom music systems, we turn to the pioneers of wireless audio: Sonos. Sonos makes it easy to play what you love where you want through their smart, adaptive, and software-driven speakers and continues to refine the listening experience so that sound is as honest to the original source as possible.

Not only do Sonos systems offer a rich listening experience in any space, but they’re highly customizable and simple to use. Whether you’re a casual listener or audio enthusiast in Lake Winnipesaukee, NH and southern Maine, read below to learn why Sonos may be the perfect multiroom speaker system for you.

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Engineered for Quality Listening

For Sonos, sound comes first. Their wireless speakers are meticulously designed in partnership with world-class experts in acoustics and engineering to ensure sound stays as true to the source as possible.

To further that effort, Sonos products are also extensively tested by award-winning artists, producers, and mixers who provide critical feedback that helps refine the quality of every speaker and component.

Sonos speakers sound great anywhere, thanks to Trueplay, a spatially aware tuning technology that adjusts your speakers to your room. Using the microphone on your smartphone, Trueplay analyzes your room acoustics and adapts the sound to your environment—whether in the home theater or outdoors.

Expandable without Wires or Fuss

Sonos systems are highly customizable, allowing you to choose where you want to listen and then expand later if need be. Start small in a couple of rooms or bring Sonos everywhere indoors and out.

Setting up your Sonos system is as easy as plugging them in for power, downloading the Sonos app on your smartphone, and following the instructions on the app. All Sonos speakers and components connect over your Wi-Fi network so you can easily build the system you want. Group all your speakers to play music in sync or create music zones in various spaces to enjoy different tunes in different rooms.

Pairs with Your Favorite Audio Gear

The Sonos wireless ecosystem is an excellent solution by itself, with 50+ streaming services at your fingertips through the intuitive Sonos app. But Sonos also works with your existing audio gear so you can bring the power of Sonos to your beloved stereo system or in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

The Sonos Port is a versatile streamer that connects to your stereo or receiver so you can wirelessly enjoy music and more with your amplified audio equipment. Similarly, the Sonos Amp brings Sonos streaming, as well as robust power, to your floor-standing, bookshelf, and architectural speakers. These components also allow you to stream vinyl, CDs, or stored audio files to all your Sonos speakers.

Want to learn more about the power and simplicity of Sonos? Check out our Sonos tutorial videos to learn how to navigate the Sonos app, create zones, use Trueplay, add music services, and much more!

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