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Why Work with a Pro for Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation?

Our Design, Installation and Monitoring Services Keep You Connected When It Matters Most

Why Work with a Pro for Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation?

If you’re experiencing sluggish internet, you can find many guides online that offer simple steps toward a possible solutionUpgrade your internet plan. Move your router. Buy a wi-fi extender. And so on. However, unless you know precisely why your connection is suffering, you’ll likely waste time grasping at straws.

Because today’s homes are chock-full of connected devices, and families are working and learning remotely, the demands on the home network have significantly changed. DIY networking solutions no longer fit the bill.

For reliable whole-home Wi-Fi that keeps everyone connected around the clock, we suggest you work with a professional. Read below to learn what you’ll gain when you call on SmartHome Solutions, Inc. for your home network installation or upgrade in Falmouth and southern Maine.

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We Conduct a Wi-Fi Site Survey

Without conducting a Wi-Fi site survey before installing routers and access points, it’s nearly impossible to know if you have sufficient coverage and capacity throughout the home to meet your needs. Our team conducts comprehensive site surveys using advanced software tools to locate and analyze potential interference around the home and identify the best placement for access points.

Our network designs aren’t one-size-fits-all; they are custom-created based on your unique floor plan and connectivity needs. We’ll ensure the finished product provides unwavering performance and reliability from the bedroom to the kitchen, home theater, and even the backyard.

We Deploy Enterprise-Grade Equipment

Businesses don’t run on consumer-grade routers and access points, so why should your home? As homes evolve into workspaces, classrooms, and movie theaters, they need to be supported by enterprise-grade network solutions that offer vastly improved performance, scalability, and reliability.

Our team deploys professional-strength routers that offer highstream throughput and enable several users to access router functions without congestion. Our routers also feature traffic prioritization software that keeps everything from video calls to videogaming working smoothly at the same time.

We also deploy professional-strength access points roughly every 1,500 feet of coverage area to expand your wireless coverage to faraway areas throughout your property, such as your patio or deck. You’ll never have to worry about interrupted wireless connectivity for your mobile devices as you roam from one side of your home to the other with a tablet, laptop, or phone.

We Monitor Your Network and Connected Devices

Even professionally designed and installed home networks experience issues every now and then. Plus, your network equipment will need to undergo ongoing maintenance to ensure it functions as it should. Our remote monitoring and support plans take the hassle out of your hands!

When you take advantage of our proactive monitoring service, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that our home network professionals are keeping an eye on the health of your system around the clock. We’ll identify potential issues and resolve them before they become an inconvenience.

Our support plans also include rapid response times of up to one hour from our remote support team should you need to talk to a technician, as well as prioritized scheduling and after-hour appointments for on-site service. Learn more about our service plans here!

Connect with SmartHome Solutions, Inc. today to take the next step toward more reliable internet at home. Reach out to us here or call (207) 985-9770 to speak with a team member about your project.

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