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Articles tagged with: Home Theater

Crestron Automation Gives You Limitless Control of Your Home

The Premier Name in Smart Homes Brings Your Vision of The Perfect House to Life

Crestron Automation Gives You Limitless Control of Your Home

Crestron automation provides the ultimate in luxury and convenience when you are looking to build your perfect abode. Whether you are working from home, relaxing in the spa, or enjoying a movie in your home theater, your home automation system should respond to your lifestyle needs and desires.

Begin the day as the motorized shades slowly let the sun in and the television switches to your preferred news channel. Your lights transition with you through the day, starting off soft, filling your afternoons with light that energizes you, and ending the day with warm hues to ease you into sleep. From wellness to entertainment, a smart home meshes with you.

Want to know more about what a Crestron system can do for your Lake Winnipesaukee, NH home? Read more below to find out!

How Architects Can Prepare New Builds for Home Theater Systems

Learn which components are required or highly recommended for new home projects in southern Maine.

How Architects Can Prepare New Builds for Home Theater Systems

Smart home technology is taking southern Maine by storm, causing more builders, interior designers, and architects to implement the necessary infrastructure when planning new builds. In particular, home theater systems are a popular request for adding entertainment in living rooms and family spaces. It’s much easier on builders to include the necessary components for these solutions ahead of time so that Kennebunk, ME properties are ready to be customized for clients. 

How Custom Window Treatments Bring Beauty and Energy Savings

Adding Motorized Shades Enhances Your Home and Lifestyle

How Custom Window Treatments Bring Beauty and Energy Savings

Custom Window Treatments add the finishing touch to a room. Curtains, shades, and other window coverings add ambiance, elegance, and a sense of style. Without window treatments, a room can look unwelcoming, barren, and unfinished. Not to mention that you can’t control the light!

Motorized shades provide more than just fashion for your Kennebunk, ME home. They can save energy, furnishan added sense of security, and keep your home cool at the height of the day while also maximizing the benefits of natural light.

Are you intrigued by how motorized window treatments can increase the beauty of your home and reduce your energy costs? Read more below to learn how. 

How Motorized Shades Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

Automated Window Treatments Improve Wellbeing and Save Energy

How Motorized Shades Enhance Your Home and Lifestyle

Bare windows make a room feel unwelcoming and sparse; shades offer the finishing touches, completing the space. The window treatments you select impart style, ambiance, and a sense of elegance. As part of a smart home ecosystem, they can be an essential component in managing your property.

More than just fashion, motorized shades help minimize energy costs, protect your furnishings and complement your security system. In addition, shades are a vital component in utilizing daylighting techniques for more human-centric lighting. 

Are you intrigued by how automated shading systems can improve not just the look but the function of your home in Kennebunk, ME? Continue Reading to find out more.

How Motorized Window Treatments Simplify Your Life

Considering Smart Shades? Learn Why They Are the Perfect Choice for Your Home

How Motorized Window Treatments Simplify Your Life

If you’re trying to make your home smart, why not start with your window shades? It’s just one of the many ways you can add luxury and convenience to your life. Motorized window treatments in your Portsmouth, NH, home allow you to enjoy complete light control without dealing with cords and rods. Just press a button or program them to operate automatically, and you’ll never worry about touching your shades again.

Smart window treatments come in so many colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties. Choose one that suits your décor, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of having complete light control. Read our blog to learn how motorized window treatments improve the comfort of your home and quality of life.  

Multiroom Speakers Bring Your Home to Life With Music in Every Room

A Whole-Home Audio System Lets The Music Move You In Any Room

Multiroom Speakers Bring Your Home to Life With Music in Every Room

Music is a distinctly human creation and is embedded in our very nature. Songs and rhythm have been with us for as long as we have written records, and possibly much longer. We hear music in our heads - creating a living soundtrack to our daily lives.

The medium has the power to lift you, bring meaning, and create a space to become centered and wind down in your home in Falmouth, ME or throughout southern Maine. A multiroom speaker system delivers energy and passion with audiophile quality, filling your entire house. Whether you want to spice up a backyard barbeque, shimmy in the kitchen, or set the mood for dinner, let the music move you anywhere, anytime.