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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Wireless Internet Signal

Boost Your Home Network Setup To Get The Best Service (Even Outside!)

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Wireless Internet Signal

Your wireless network is under more pressure than you might think. Your computers are connected to Wi-Fi, but so are all your smartphones and tablets. Your smart TV is online, your video game consoles are online, even your thermostat is online.

This creates significant stress on your Wi-Fi, especially when everyone in your house is using it at once. And given how much of your routine involves using the internet, it's likely that online activity is continually happening.

You need a home network setup that can handle the needs of your family, and there are various ways to strengthen your wireless signal so everyone can do what they need to without dealing with internet lag. Read on to learn how you can make sure your Wi-Fi reaches everywhere in your Ogunquit home, including tricky outdoor spaces.

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough?

Dropped Connections and Slow Downloads Mean It’s Time for Better Networking Solutions

Is Your Home Network Strong Enough?

Do you remember the days when your home network connected a few laptops, desktops, and maybe a gaming console? Of course, that was before the Internet of Things, and our homes throughout southern Maine became connected devices. In a smart home, the home network is the brain behind the system. It allows the devices to connect to the central controller and each other.

Do you want your motorized shades to lower when the temperature reaches a certain level? Do you want your doors to lock, lights to turn off, and the security to arm when you push the “Good Night” button on your keypad? All of that and more require solid networking solutions

Let's explore the signs that suggest your home network is no longer up to the tasks your smart home demands and what homes in Kennebunk, ME, are doing about it.

Take Work & Fun Outside with a Reliable Outdoor Wi-Fi Installation

Our Home Networking Solutions and Support Ensure Reliable Connectivity Indoors and Out

Take Work & Fun Outside with a Reliable Outdoor Wi-Fi Installation
Now more than ever, families are spending extended time at home and putting strain on their home networks as kids take on e-learning and parents work remotely. Our home networking professionals want to help you stay connected when it matters most, but not just indoors. Be sure to get some air by taking your video meetings to the backyard with a reliable outdoor Wi-Fi installation. Whether you’re working or just surfing the web, you should be able to expand your digital activities outside to take advantage of the sun and excuse yourself from a crowded home. Our home networking solutions and monitoring services ensure reliable connectivity indoors and out for properties in Kennebunkport and southern Maine. Read on to learn the importance of a reliable home network throughout your entire property, as well as how we can help bring that connectivity outside.

Why Work with a Pro for Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation?

Our Design, Installation and Monitoring Services Keep You Connected When It Matters Most

Why Work with a Pro for Your Whole-Home Wi-Fi Installation?

If you’re experiencing sluggish internet, you can find many guides online that offer simple steps toward a possible solutionUpgrade your internet plan. Move your router. Buy a wi-fi extender. And so on. However, unless you know precisely why your connection is suffering, you’ll likely waste time grasping at straws.

Because today’s homes are chock-full of connected devices, and families are working and learning remotely, the demands on the home network have significantly changed. DIY networking solutions no longer fit the bill.

For reliable whole-home Wi-Fi that keeps everyone connected around the clock, we suggest you work with a professional. Read below to learn what you’ll gain when you call on SmartHome Solutions, Inc. for your home network installation or upgrade in Falmouth and southern Maine.