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2 Reasons Why You’ll Want Custom Window Treatments by Lutron

SmartHome Solutions Inc. is your local Certified Lutron Dealer

2 Reasons Why You’ll Want Custom Window Treatments by Lutron

When pondering how to enhance your life at home, a multitude of ideas come to mind. Custom window treatments may not be one of the first things you think of, yet there are great benefits that come with them. One of the best brands in powered custom window treatments is Lutron. which offers a vast array of styles and control options to suit any home.

With Lutron window treatments, you are making an investment in more than just shades; you are investing in technology that enhances your home. By effectively managing natural light, you can make your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, and even healthier.

As a certified Lutron window treatment dealer, our clients in Portland and Southern Maine know they can trust SmartHome Solutions Inc. for their motorized shading needs.

Add Style and Dazzling Light to Your Home with LED Light Fixtures

Explore these lighting solutions and see how they can transform your home

Add Style and Dazzling Light to Your Home with LED Light Fixtures

Lighting impacts how you experience your home as well as your home’s design. Poor lighting can make your home feel unwelcoming and doesn’t highlight the furniture, artwork, and shades you carefully curated to enhance your home’s beauty. For a healthy, luxurious Kennebunk, ME, home, you need lighting that promotes a healthy lifestyle and makes your home feel beautiful.

Smart lighting is great at providing beautiful light that perfectly suits your mood, the time of day, and your home, as they come in a range of LED light fixtures that can be bold or simple, depending on your style. Ketra and Savant lighting are two premium smart lighting solutions with a variety of fixtures. Keep reading to learn more!

How LED Lights Impact Your Health

The Benefits of Tunable LED Light Fixtures for Your Smart Home, Your Yard, and Your Health

How LED Lights Impact Your Health

Life along the coast in Southern Maine often feels like paradise. In Portland, ME, there is nothing like walking along the waterfront, overlooking the sunset and its beautiful red and orange hues. Lighting, after all, is essential to any experience and a direct contributor to our mood. But what if you could bring natural light into your home, take control over it, and experience a slice of the sun on demand? 

At SmartHome Solutions, our team of technology integrators are experts in LED light fixtures, installing and programming them for optimal performance and efficiency. 

Read on to learn more about LED lighting, and how it benefits your smart home and your well-being. 

Improve Your Mood this Winter with Home Lighting Control

Combat Seasonal Depression Within Your Coastal Maine Home

Improve Your Mood this Winter with Home Lighting Control

Do you ever find yourself getting a little blue during the colder, wintry months? The sun isn’t shining for nearly as long as it does during spring and summer, we’re all cooped up indoors more often to avoid the cold weather, and it leaves us feeling a bit down.

Some call it the winter blues. Others call it seasonal depression; it is also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) identifies it as a type of depression that is caused by a chemical imbalance of the brain prompted by less sunlight in winter and shorter daylight hours.

The lack of light dramatically affects our mood, interfering with our daily functioning. By incorporating circadian lighting into your Boothbay, ME home lighting control system, you can make the lighting in your home human-centric, helping to positively impact your mood throughout the day. Keep reading to learn more!

Savant and USAI’s Partnership Upgrades Smart Lighting

Take Your Coastal Maine Home To The Next Level With USAI’s LED Light Fixtures

Savant and USAI’s Partnership Upgrades Smart Lighting

Smart lighting control is one of the most popular smart home upgrades because of the impact it has on a home’s atmosphere, allowing homeowners to transform their spaces with the push of a button. In May of last year, Savant, our preferred brand for integrated smart home control systems, announced that it was partnering with USAI Lighting, the award-winning manufacturer of innovative, high-performance LED light fixtures that deliver rich color technology and optical design.

This partnership brings homeowners a wide selection of USAI Lighting fixtures from its various product families containing hundreds of different fixture options. Whether you’re looking for architectural lighting for exposed ceilings, shallowed recessed downlights, or small aperture LEDs, USAI Lighting has a solution that will be the ideal fit for your home. We’re very excited to be able to bring the benefits of this collaboration to our Kennebunkport and Coastal Maine clients. Keep reading to learn about how pairing USAI Lighting and Savant can enhance your smart home.

Set the Perfect Scene in Your Home with Screen Innovations

Discover the Benefits of Installing Screen Innovations’ Smart Motorized Shades

Set the Perfect Scene in Your Home with Screen Innovations

See your home in a new light. Motorized window shades from Screen Innovations (SI) lets you create the look you want while enjoying complete light control. Unlike traditional shades that provide a “function,” but miss out on “form,” these smart shades are both high performing and attractive. Instead of putting just any shade on your windows, add a touch of class to your home in Kennebunk, ME, with Screen Innovations.

You can control your new smart shades by voice, touch, or with a home automation system. Now, that’s smart living and a stylish home! Read more to see why installing motorized shades from SI is the perfect choice for your interiors.

Transform Your Outdoors with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

This Patented Lighting System Offers Endless Possibilities for a Beautiful Yard

Transform Your Outdoors with Coastal Source Landscape Lighting

The effort put toward both the design and maintenance of your home’s landscaping should be significant. Not only does a beautiful exterior make outdoor gatherings and relaxation more enjoyable, but it also boosts curb appeal and increases the value of your home in the York County, Maine area.

When you incorporate a personalized landscape lighting system by Coastal Source throughout your outdoor spaces, you can make an impact even after the sun sets with beautiful light that not only illuminates your foliage and exterior architecture but also turns on and off on its own.

In this blog, we’ll explore what sets Coastal Source apart from the competition and the benefits you’ll receive from their landscape lighting solutions. Get the details below!