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How Can Your Business Benefit from Digital Signage?

A Digital Signage Installation Can Boost Your York Company’s Brand Identity

How Can Your Business Benefit from Digital Signage?

Digital signage is how your organization shares its story, using images, animation, and video to express a brand identity and draw patrons in with dynamic visuals. Businesses in the York, Maine area can increase customer engagement with a digital signage installation from SmartHome Solutions, giving you a high-performance system with intuitive, customizable controls.

We help local retail stores, restaurants, and schools expand their ability to send their message out into the world, and we know the best practices to ensure that people are paying attention. Keep reading to learn why you want digital signage for your business and what the best practices are for installation and use.


Why Digital Signage is Important

Digital signage helps your company convey information in a persuasive manner, whether that content is menu items, product marketing and advertising, or important school and company announcements. Pictures of food are appetizing, but you can use digital signage to show people dishes being prepared in the kitchen and served at the table, giving them a much clearer idea of the experience of dining in your restaurant.

When people walk into the lobby of your office, they can be greeted by digital signage that presents facts about the business, slideshows of company events, and promotional video that showcases your office culture.

The flexibility of digital signage makes it great for schools. They can be used to livestream video announcements in the morning, then serve as digital bulletin boards throughout the day. Want to get people to audition for the fall play? Have video and photographs of last year’s production displayed side-by-side with sign-up information. Getting the kids pumped with a pep rally? Have the digital signage in your halls play clips from recent games and show player stats as everyone gathers in the gymnasium.


Best Practices for Digital Signage Installation and Usage

You want your digital signage to be in areas that will get the most eyes on it. Signs should be placed in high-traffic areas or gathering spaces, at heights that guarantee the best sightlines from a number of directions.

Are you looking to attract street traffic for your business? Digital signage in the window gives passers-by an opportunity to learn more about your company with content specifically chosen to represent your brand and distinct perspective. You can also put your digital signage outside, but you’ll need to use technology that is optimized for outdoor use.

While the equipment has become considerably lighter than the models of the past, you’ll still want to check that your walls can handle the weight, especially if you’re putting up multiple signs on a single wall.

HD resolution for digital signage means that you’ll want to have HD content, so make sure that your video and photo assets are at a resolution high enough that they won’t appear blurry.

Want to learn more about how a digital signage installation can boost your business in the York area? Contact one of our experts at (207) 985-9770 or by filling out our online form.  

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