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Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Oasis

Outdoor Home Theater Installation for Your Yard or Patio

Creating an Outdoor Entertainment Oasis

Throughout the warm months of summer, you’ll have more opportunities to use your outdoor areas. Make sure you can take full advantage of the sunny days and cool nights with an outdoor home theater installation. With an outdoor entertainment system, you can continue to keep up with the latest films, television and even gaming without missing out on all that summer has to offer. To learn more about installing a home theater in your Portland or Cumberland, ME outdoor spaces, continue reading.

Building an outdoor home theater starts by selecting the right equipment for your space. Because there are many elements to contend with, whether that be the bright sunlight, salty ocean winds, or rain, finding weatherproof equipment is one of the first concerns. We have options that make it possible to achieve quality audio and video performance regardless of the conditions. Below we cover some of these audio and video options for your yard or patio.

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Since patios typically have a roof and at least one back wall, they are more easily transformed into outdoor living rooms than any other outdoor space. The coverage makes it simpler to contain sound which produces better audio, and the wall provides a place to mount an outdoor television. All that’s left is to place comfy patio furniture around the television and bring your nightly family TV time outside.

Developing an outdoor audio system on your patio can deliver a powerful sound.  Our team will guide you through the best products and installation solutions to best fit your space. Installation of outdoor audio is the key to maintaining a quality sound in all environments.

When selecting a television, the brightness is an important factor. Outdoor TVs are typically three times brighter than their indoor counterparts. They should have all the weatherproofing features discussed above, and our professional installation will ensure the proper mounting to protect it from ocean winds.


The yard can also be an ideal area for an outdoor home theater complete with a large screen, projector, and audio throughout your outdoor spaces. You and your family will love cinema-quality screenings under the stars right in your own backyard.

Professional installation of audio in your yard eliminates the challenges caused by open space and ensures immersive sound while limiting the sound escaping so that you don’t disturb the neighbors. We utilize a variety of methods to accomplish high-quality audio while blending equipment into your landscaping, as to not compromise the integrity of your gardens and yard. Our attention to these details will provide the highest quality experience possible.

For the video, a large weather-proof screen is the first order of business. Finding a light-rejecting model can minimize the effects of ambient light. Also, look for an outdoor 4K projector with weatherproofing features and extra brightness. However, nighttime viewings will be necessary for the ultimate viewing experience with a projector screen set-up. Again, a professional’s advice and installation makes for the best results. 

Ready to make the summer of 2017 more entertaining? Outdoor home theaters are a great way to bring the family together and enjoy the warm weather. To learn more, contact SmartHome Solutions today.

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