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The Next Generation of Home Audio and Video

Make Your Whole Home More Entertaining with the Latest Technologies

The Next Generation of Home Audio and Video

Home audio and video make every space more dynamic. You could find yourself listening to music in your bathroom or creating a home theater experience in your living room. Whether you’re outfitting your kitchen with a television to catch up on the news over breakfast or creating a dedicated listening room to immerse yourself in your favorite vinyl, the equipment matters. For your Kennebunk or Wells, ME area residence, we’ve found the latest and greatest technologies emerging in the world of whole home audio video. To learn more, continue reading. 

Home Audio Trends

In the field of digital whole home audio, expect to find more products offering high-resolution sound. High-resolution audio (HRA) has been around for a while, but it will continue to become more mainstream. This means you will be seeing more and more devices and services equipped to support this format.

But why HRA? When you are listening to many streaming services, you’re hearing a compressed file. That compression means that some data is going to be lost in the transfer. High-resolution audio has a higher sampling frequency meaning that the number of times a sample is taken per second. The higher the frequency, the less data is lost during transfer. When you have the equipment to play lossless audio, look for more streaming services with high-resolution audio files, like FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec).

Additionally, be on the lookout for more audio systems that work with voice-recognition devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home. These partnerships are expanding the power of voice control, so that you can easily make adjustments to your audio system just by asking. You can even integrate these systems with your smart home automation system to control all your technologies with your voice.

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Home Video Trends

4K, or Ultra HD, televisions and projectors are beginning to become more prevalent in homes. More streaming services, like Amazon Fire, are making it possible to watch your favorite movies and shows in crystal clear picture.

However, this year, a few companies are expected to debut 8K technology; should you wait for the next big thing to take over the market? We think not. It’s only recently that we’re seeing the expansion of content that is compatible with 4K picture, so we would expect it to be a while before 8K is a viable option for your home. In the meantime, it’s becoming easier and less expensive to enjoy the life-like picture quality of 4K. The battle for what the television of the future will be is still raging, but, for now, it seems the focus is on 4K content and technology.


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